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Adult Confirmation: Did you ever wonder about why we are here, how God speaks to us, or why we worship the way we do? Our Adult Confirmation Class offers a chance to explore questions like these! Our next class is scheduled to meet on Sunday morning, July 15, following the Worship Service. We plan to talk about how Methodists worship and why. It should be a good way to reflect on this morning’s worship service. Join us!

Clean Slate: Clean Slate is a summertime series of 5 get togethers to get to know ourselves and each other by getting to know God. We’re about halfway through the program, but it’s not too late to join Maddie Garrett in exploring and discovering what Life is about. It’s our turn for a fresh start! Let’s clean our slates. Let’s do it together. Let’s do it with God. Gatherings are held every other Thursday at 6pm. Our fourth gathering will be July 19 at Cunningham United Methodist Church. Bring yourself and bring your friends! For more information or any questions, contact Maddie at (434)422-0888 or
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Ronald McDonald House: CUMC provides meals for families of children receiving medical treatment away from home. We need ONE dish from one of the four categories: Meat, 2 Sides, and Dessert. Please sign up if you can supply a dish (for approx. 18 people) and meet here in the Church parking lot on Friday, July 20, 2018 @ 11:15 am. Questions? Contact Cindy Garrett at 434-284-1645. Thank you!

Feeding Fluvanna County is a goal that CUMC supports each month with food donations. The food we collect is distributed to the Fluvanna Food Bank on the 2nd week of each month however, your food donation is welcome anytime during the month. You can make a difference in somebody’s life!

Partners in Ministry Update: as of July 8, 2018:

Source Amount Committed Contributions
34 Pledges $465,070.00 $437,956.17
Other Contributions $108,317.47 $108,317.47
Total $573,387.47 $546,273.64
We also have received special gifts of land for the new septic drain field, and contributions to establish a mortgage reserve fund (to ease the transition into payments of interest on the new loan) and to help equip our new kitchen. We welcome and encourage additional donations to help us stay within our budget and reduce the amount we will need to borrow to complete the new fellowship hall. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Mission Trip to the Community Outreach Program in Roanoke: Our next trip to Roanoke is scheduled for August 9, 10, and 11. Activities will include painting, installing bookshelves, and making curtains among others. Jobs for all ages of volunteers will be available. Meals and housing will also be provided. A planning meeting will take place on July 23rd at 4 pm at the church. Please contact Mary Kalchbrenner at 434-286-4176 for more information.

Spending Time with the Bible: Center yourself for a moment, asking God to speak to you through the scriptures. Then read slowly. To give you a roadmap, we offer reading suggestions based upon the Daily Office contained in the Book of Common Prayer. You can also find these readings online at
www.BibleGateway.com/reading-plans/bcp-daily-office/today. Don’t rush—it is more important that you take time to hear the voice of God than it is to finish all of the readings on any particular day.  As you read, take note of words or phrases that draw your attention, and meditate on the meaning that those words or phrases hold for you. Here are the readings for this week:
Day Old T. Psalm Epistle Gospel
Sun Josh 1:1-18 148, 149, 150 Acts 21:3-15 Mark 1:21-27
Mon Josh 2:1-14 25 Rom 11:1-12 Matt 25:1-13
Tues Josh 2:15-24 26, 28 Rom 11:13-24 Matt 25:14-30
Wed Josh 3:1-13 38 Rom 11:25-36 Matt 25:31-46
Th Josh 3:14-4:7 37:1-18 Rom 12:1-8 Matt 26:1-16
Fri Josh 4:19-5:1, 10-15 31 Rom 12:9-21 Matt 26:17-25
Sat Josh 6:1-14 30, 32 Rom 13:1-7 Matt 26:26-35