If you surveyed a group of Christians to ask them the most important word in the Bible, I suspect that many would respond with the word “Love.” There is a good reason for that response—after all, Jesus said that loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves were the two greatest commandments. I am afraid, though, that we use the word “love” so much that we get desensitized to the type of loving that we are invited to engage in.

The Old Testament contains a beautiful story that depicts what it means to love for the long-run. I hope you can join us this Sunday as we tell again the story of Naomi and Ruth. This story takes the language of love and gives it flesh and blood. Loving in the way that God loves—that truly is “Godly Speech.”

See you in Church!


Grace and peace,

Pastor Tom

PS: We also will show love in a number of other ways, including the dedication of our Christmas Shoeboxes. Please remember also that this Sunday will be Veterans Day. Please take a moment to thank a veteran for demonstrating through their service what love means.

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